Entergy Texas Transition Bonds

True Up Filings

10/14/10 True Up Filing
11/9/10 Tariff
10/11 True Up Filing
10/11 Tariff
7/12 True Up Filing
10/12 Tariff
10/13 True Up Filing
10/13 Tariff
7/31/14          True Up Filing
2014 Tariff
2015 True Up Filing
4/29/15 Tariff
2016 True Up Filing
10/7/16 Tariff
2017 True Up Filing
10/11/17 Tariff
7/26/18 True Up Filing
4/1/19             True Up Filing
6/27/19 True Up Filing
2018 Tariff
2019  Tariff
2020 True up Filing
2020 Tariff
2021 True up Filing


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